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How is a window cleaning pole better than any other way of cleaning?

November 2, 2022 | dwsgo

An extending window washing pole with a specialised brush and a hose running the entire length is known as a window cleaning pole. The technician can thoroughly clean the windows of any dirt or debris thanks to the hose, which supplies pure, deionized water to the brush head.

Below are the advantages of using a window cleaning pole 

A water-fed pole can prevent falls and injuries for technicians.

Even experienced window cleaners make mistakes occasionally. A catastrophic injury or death can ensue from a slip and fall from a significant height. Use a pole system that is water-fed to eliminate all risks.

It works well with difficult-to-reach windows.

Because they are in high elevations or occasionally have unique structures, certain windows are challenging to clean. You can essentially reach anywhere when using a  window cleaning brush to clean the window and the space around it.

It doesn’t employ dangerous substances.

You don’t need detergent or soap with this technique. Only the force of the water pressure can remove the dirt, thus it is completely safe for your children, pets, plants, and wildlife.

Less Time-consuming 

The fact that it saves a lot of time is one of the major advantages of these window cleaning poles. As a result, less electricity is consumed, which also results in decreased window washing expenses.

It is understandable that an increasing number of window cleaners are choosing not to provide window cleaning services using a window pole given the numerous advantages associated with using window cleaning poles.

Simple to Use

Many window cleaners may feel intimidated by having a water-fed pole system at their disposal when determining which approach to employ. But once you’ve learned this new process and see how simple it is rather than using outdated techniques that significantly rely on labour, all your doubts will be put to rest because these windows can now be completed in a single sitting!

Flexible cleaning instrument

In addition to routine window washing, window cleaning poles may restore the perfect state of your window frames, sills, soffits, and fascias. The telescoping pole system makes cleaning Velux windows and flat glass roof lights a breeze. It makes it simple to access roofs of conservatories and solar panels.

Eco-friendly solution

In order to remove dirt and stains from the glass using a sponge and bucket, it is frequently necessary to use a chemical solution or detergent, which is hazardous to human health and the environment. Contrarily, water-supplied pole systems only use pure water that doesn’t have any negative side effects and won’t hurt your home, your health, or the surrounding nature.


A ground-breaking technique for cleaning difficult-to-reach windows, skylights, and roof lights is the window cleaning brush. Purified drinking water is pumped through the extendable brush head at your command by a motorised electric pump!

The efficiency of the buildings you manage will increase thanks to a window cleaning pole which effectively cleans both windows and window frames in one pass.

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