Craftex Powerful 5040

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Craftex Powerful 5040


                            Previously known as the Powerful, the Carpex Powerful 5040 is a professional, self-contained, self-propelled injection-extraction machine is suitable for very large areas of carpet.

Self-propelled and speed adjustable, the Carpex Powerful 5040 has a differential gear on the drive motor for increased manoeuverability.

The water flow regulator and the belt driven, height adjustable brush allows for unique adjustments to be made and therefore the ultimate cleaning performance is achieved.

The machine has a high level recovery tank cut off system and splits into two sections for ease of transporting and carrying.

What does it do?
Professional self-contained, self-propelled injection-extraction machine suitable for very large areas of carpet.

Why choose the Powerful 5040?
Its all about ease of use…self-propelled and speed adjustable and differential gear on drive motor for increased manoeuverability.

What it includes:
Complete unit

Special features:
Water flow regulator
Belt drive, height adjustable brush
Splits into 2 sections for ease of transporting/carrying
High level recovery tank cut off system

Solution Tank Capacity: 70 L
Recovery Tank Capacity: 70 L
Vacuum Motor: 1500 W 3 stage x 2
Pump: Shurflo by-pass type, 9 bar (max) (130 psi)
Cleaning Width: 500 mm
Number of jets: 5
Cable length: 15 m
Machine Weight: 65 kg
Machine Size: 500 x 920 x 980 mm

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