Impressor Glass Fibre Pole 25ft

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Angle Adapter
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  • 5 section Impressor Glass Fibre Pole. 
  • Bayersan Impressor poles are designed with economy in mind. It has aluminium end cone. All clamps are made of special plastic raw material, very tough against sudden hits and shocks, durable against wear and tears.

Customer Reviews

  1. Paul

    A well made item that does the job effectively. It is a little heavy when fully extended and reaching to one side but that is to be expected. It is easier to handle when standing directly in front of the brush.

  2. Mark

    Very good product and very good service.

  3. John Slade

    This window cleaning pole represents good value for money. It is well made and does the job well. Obviously, as it’s fibre glass there’s a degree of flexibility at full extension that may take getting used to. Over all, very pleased and would recommend. Also, quick delivery from

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