Phoenix Glass Fibre Pole 18 ft

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Product Code: FP18S

Number of Sections: 4

Minimum Length: 1,21 m

Maximum Pole Length: 6.70m / 18 ft

Achievable Height: 22 ft

Weight (Pole Only): 1.1 kg

Pole Tubing Length: 8 m.


Angle Adapter
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The entry level model. Don’t be fooled by the low price the Phoenix poles, across the board, are built to the highest standard. The new standard Phoenix range are designed with the user in mind and also your pocket!

So what has the Phoenix got that other poles haven’t….

Faster and easier to use

The simple beauty of the Phoenix is the clamping system. This has been designed completely with the end user in mind. We’ve looked into how these poles work on a day to day basis and how we can improve your working life.

One finger Operation

By having a one finger flip action on the clamp levers, the user can work faster than ever before. Sideways (transverse) clamps have a certain awkwardness when being used as the thumb, which tends to be the main finger to use to open the clamps, which operates in an unnatural way.

The Phoenix clamp is designed to flip open in the quickest and easiest way that is natural to the hand and can be used by any finger so you wont know how you ever managed before! Faster and easier for you and your workforce.

Anti Pinch

Considering how long water fed poles have been in use, no one has actually addressed the issues the day to day user experiences. Ask any window cleaner the one thing that annoys them about pure water cleaning and it will be the clamps pinching the skin should the pole section move down a bit sharpish. Time and time again this, results in a nasty pinch on the operators hand. Not anymore, Facelift, through design, have eliminated the problem – but it doesn’t stop there.

Nuts for fine tuning

Unlike some poles, over tightening the nut at the side of the clamp will not affect the wear of the sections. Where a lot of clamps rub continually against the pole sections when extending and collapsing the pole, the Phoenix clamp springs open on release,freeing up the pole so it runs smoothly with minimum wear on the section.


One bug bear of sideways (transverse) clamps is that they catch on sills, gutters, etc and pop open which causes the section to slide down and the user has to re-extend his pole. Time consuming and annoying all in one.

The Phoenix levers have been specially designed to bounce over ledges, etc and prevent this nuisance from happening. Another first in water fed pole design.

The Red One

The red lever at the top of the pole is for the Ultra Lite section or the quick release adapter. In coming months a range of quick release, goose neck  and brush heads will be released that can inserted into this top section.

The red colouring is basically there to remind you not to open the clamp unless removing adapter or using the Ultra-Lite section when it’s needed.


Actual Reach Closed Weight Sections
Glass 18 18 ft 22 ft 4ft 10″ 1.1kg 4
Glass 22 22 ft 26 ft 4ft 10″ 1.4kg 5
Hybrid 18 18 ft 22 ft 4ft 10″ 1kg 4
Hybrid 22 22 ft  26 ft 4ft 10″ 1.3kg 5
Carbon 18 18 ft 22 ft 4ft 10″ 980g 4
Carbon 22 22 ft 26 ft 4ft 10″ 1.2kg 5
Carbon 25 25 ft 29 ft 5ft 7″ 1.4kg 6
Carbon 26  26 ft 30 ft 5 ft 1.4kg 6

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