Phoenix pole Base Caps

£5.65 Ex.VAT

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Compatible with all FaceLift Phoenix X, P, S and UL Poles:

  • Size 6 to fit FP18
  • Size 5 to fit FP22 and FP25
  • Size 4 to fit FP30
  • Size 3 to fit FP35
  • Size 2 to fit FP40


Customer Reviews

  1. Mike Slater – EasyClean – NorthEast – Aberdeenshire

    Having bought 2 x 22ft poles recently for our busy water fed window cleaning business, we have put them through their paces and are well impressed with them, but their one weakness is the rubber base caps which are simply placed over the end, and are prone to being pulled off if they catch on brackets inside the van, etc. A better solution would be to have them glued on or attached with a more secure alternative.
    The caps themselves are of a fairly good quality and would last quite a while under normal usage!

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