WINDOW CLEANING 9.5” Sill / Hi-Lo BRUSH for WATER FED POLE with Pencil Jets

£16.45 Ex.VAT

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With this brush your pole will bend less. Stiff and Unflagged bristles will keep the brush always clean for the next job. Standart treads fits most of The Water Fed Poles and Angle adaptors on a market. Hard plastic treads will be in  good shape for longer. Good Price For good Brush.

Main features: 

  • 2mm Pencil Jets fitted
  • Brush weight – 496 grams
  • Brush size – 9.5”
  • Unflagged Bristles  
  • Sill / Hi-lo type

Customer Reviews

  1. dwsgo

    I use this brush for upstairs windows and sills with great results

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