Wondergrip Thermo Plus Gloves – Waterproof

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“Wonder Grip® Thermo Plus” is fully double-coated with latex on the back of the hand and includes a 13-gauge napped acrylic liner. 
“Wonder Grip® Thermo Plus” includes both “Wonder Grip® Aqua” and “Wonder Grip®Thermo”s advantages; therefore, it can be used in situations requiring dexterity in wet and cold conditions.
Furthermore, “Wonder Grip® Thermo Plus” maintains dexterity and comfort while keeping the hands warm.

Water resistance
Designed for all handling tasks in water conditions.
Extra cold resistance
Appropriate for work in cold regions and ideal for all tasks in cold rooms or outside in cold weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

  1. Paul Rourke

    Excellent glove superb grip and extremely comfy to wear whilst working handling the water fed pole for window cleaning. Keep your hands warm and dry.

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