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Window cleaner professionals: Here’s how Water Fed Cleaning Pole Will Help You

July 29, 2022 | fullclean

If you are a window cleaner professional, you must always be on the lookout to increase your business revenue and have the edge over your competitors. There are many factors that play a part in ensuring you continue to get leads. However, one thing any professional cannot overlook is the importance of having the right tools and equipment that can make a world of difference in cleaning. One such piece of equipment that many cleaners are raving about for cleaning is the water-fed pole system.


Can clean hard-to-reach windows: As a professional, you must be aware that every cleaning task is different. For example, cleaning windows of a house which is on the ground level isn’t the same as cleaning windows on the second or third floor. However, trying to clean up windows that are high using a ladder is not only time-consuming but is unsafe for you and for others as well. With the help of a water fed window cleaning pole, you can now easily clean the windows that are otherwise difficult to reach. 


Will help you get an edge over traditional cleaners: As mentioned above, a water-fed pole absorbs dirt from windows without the need for detergent. This way, no detergent residue will be left on your customer’s windows which would have been had you been using the old traditional method. Due to this, the window will attract less dust and grime. 


Helps to maintain privacy: With a water-fed tool, cleaning can now be carried out from the ground and thus, helps to maintain the privacy of your customers. Imagine being a customer and not being met with a face of a window cleaner on the other side of the glass. Due to no disturbance and privacy elements attached to it, your client will choose you over someone who is still adopting the traditional method of cleaning. 


Environment Friendly: Eliminates the need for the use of detergents. The tool alone absorbs dirt from windows. Through this tool, you will experience that it not only clean the glass in windows but also doesn’t allow the dirt and grime to build up around the frames. 


Gets the task done quickly and effectively: Traditional window cleaning includes the use of ladders, chemical solutions and cloths for wiping. It’s an overwhelming and taxing process requiring a lot of physical effort. On the other hand, water-fed pole equipment doesn’t require these old-fashioned techniques and reduces the time to get the task done quickly. 


What we are saying is, 

In the window cleaning business, one cannot just sustain merely on their talent and dedication; it is equally important to have the right window cleaning equipment. Gone are the days when you would be required to take the wooden ladder with a cleaning cloth hung over your shoulder. It is time to upgrade yourself and invest in a tool like this. If you think from a health and safety aspect, investing in a water-fed pole will help you clean windows which are positioned beyond the reach of hand-held cleaning tools while having your feet kept firmly on the ground. Moreover, it completely eliminates the chance of falling down and slipping. 

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