Ettore Window Cleaning Kit

£36.99 Ex.VAT


This set contains:

 Ettore Compact Bucket with Lid (10l)

    Product Dimensions:

    Width: 1 7.25 in   Depth: 9.5 in  Height: 7.5 in



Ettore Window Cleaning Set

Ettore Window Cleaning Set consists of all the equipment and tools required by professional window cleaners for their job. It is a must-have for professional window cleaners who want to deliver the best outcomes in a minimal time. This set is designed for the most challenging commercial window cleaning tasks. So if you got the hardest and most stubborn stains to remove, Ettore Window Cleaning Set is just right for you. It saves you a great deal of time and hassles. The set ensures a streak-free and spotless shine on the windows that your customers want to see.

Ettore Window Cleaning Set gives you the quality and efficiency you always wanted. It will clean the dirt and stains with ease. Due to the rubber blade, it does not leave any streaks.

This set contains:

Ettore Window Cleaning Kit consists of a durable and lightweight stainless steel handle, squeegee, and a microfiber cloth apart from other items. The long handle gives a comfortable grip and makes it easier to reach and clean surfaces, which are otherwise hard to reach. Ettore window cleaning set gives you the quality and efficiency you always wanted.

Ettore Window Cleaning Kit equipment comes in a compact bucket with a lid. This makes it easy to carry your equipment anywhere. This set helps you to clean windows in no time. You require minimal effort to deliver maximum cleaning performance using this kit. The wide blades help you to clean significantly larger areas in less time. This kit is perfect for cleaning windows in homes and offices. You can also use it to clean any other large glass surface.

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