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This controller will also charge your leisure battery.

This is done with a relay built into the controller. The controller senses when the engine is running and only then supplies current into the leisure battery.

The battery is then trickle-charged by the alternator. The longer the alternator runs the greater the charging capacity as current is drawn directly from the alternator. Note: the leisure battery will probably still need mains charging on occasion to maintain full charge.

This gives you the advantage that while traveling between sites the engine is running and powering the vehicle alternator, meaning your leisure battery should always be ready with sufficient charge whenever and wherever you need it.

The charging controller is supplied with a tri-rated 1mm2 cable rated to 18 amps. The unit is internally fused at 7amps. All fuses and fuse holders are included.



  • Copes easily with demanding daily use
  • Extends life of resin cartridges
  • Controls water flow accurately (0-99) and dependably
  • Dead End detection saves battery power and extends pump life
  • Displays battery voltage
  • Charges the leisure battery
  • Unit is sealed to IP64, stopping water ingress
  • Easy to use and simple to install


  • Electrical Specification                                Value
  • Voltage                                                          7-18V
  • Maximum drive current                                  15A
  • Typical drive current                                      2-3A
  • Working temperature                                     -5 to 40C
  • Mechanical Specification
  • Enclosure material                                           ABS
  • Water-resistance                                             IP64
  • Dimensions mm                                               115x65x40
  • Voltmeter accuracy                                        +/- 200mV

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