Window Cleaning Gloves – Klass H2O Classic Gloves – Waterproof

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Ideal to use with Water Fed poles and with Squeegee. Gloves provide extra grip and comfort while cleaning windows in winter. Gloves are waterproof.


The product is a five-finger 13-gauge seamless nylon knitted liner glove with a double latex coating.


  • The liner isolates the hand completely from the first rubber coating (avoiding direct contact with the skin and avoiding any possible allergic reactions).

  • The first layer of latex covers the hand completely, and the second layer, made out of foam rubber, provides the glove with an exceptional grip on wet surfaces.

  • Available in sizes 8,9,10

Water resistance
Designed for all handling tasks in water conditions.
Dexterity & comfort
Provides excellent dexterity and prevents fatigue in a wide variety of uses.

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