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What is a Water Fed Pole and How To Use It?

January 8, 2022 | dwsgo

In earlier times, the ladder was preferably used to clean windows and make them shiny. But there was not much safety while climbing a ladder to clean the roofs and windows. Now comes a much safer alternative to cleaning windows – the water fed pole. It is an eco-friendly way of cleaning homes and windows. It is such a reliable tool for residential and commercial purposes. 

Ordinary water contains a lot of minerals. It makes the windows look blurry making them damaged in the long run. You can even see spots when the same is left for drying. The water pole systems use completely fresh and clean water. The water is cleaned by passing through various filters and resins. It makes the water very natural to be used for the windows. Then the same water is stored in a container vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with containers and sent to the customers wanting it. 

The windows for the commercial buildings are to be cleaned thoroughly. For this, the telescopic poles compete with the brushes. These poles go up to a height of about 70 feet. Pure water is put into these poles for cleaning the windows. The scrubbing takes place in the usual ways. After using pure water, the windows are left to be cleaned naturally. This gives a perfectly polished and even look to the windows.

How to choose the right water pole?
    1. Select the right length of the pole

There are varying lengths for the poles, so the first basic step is to determine the length. The maximum height should be 1.2x the size of the windows. Add the pole length by bending or flexing the poles. This will provide you with an accurate height.

    1. Choosing the correct materials

Aluminum, carbon fiber, and fiberglass are the three important materials for the hose reel. Aluminum has been in the industry for decades. It is durable and quite long-lasting. Fiberglass is very light and easy to work with. While carbon fiber helps to complete the jobs on time. It depends on what kind of material you are preferring for the poles.

Benefits of Water Fed Poles
    1. Time-Saving process

The very benefit of these poles is that the work gets completed in very little time. The technique is well suited to clean the windows. It saves time for the homeowners without looking for other window cleaning methods.

  1. Very much safe and eco friendly

The poles eliminate the use of ladders for cleaning. It reduces any kind of injuries from climbing on ladders. Further, pure water is used for cleaning the windows. The water is harmless to gardens and your property. The water treatment is in an eco-friendly way without using harsh chemicals.

    1. Impeccable finish

The whole windows come into contact with these poles. The finishing touch with the pure water is so vibrant. It cleans all the windows thoroughly and with ease. The poles are used to clean roofs, soffits, etc.


It is the newest technology used for cleaning windows. The benefits are many. Try using these poles and get visible results.

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